Below you will find configuration files/scripts for the software I use. Hopefully some of them will be useful to you, maybe you'll even learn something :).

This is my fairly extensive mutt setup. I have facilities in here for each of my email addresses, mailing lists, GnuPG/PGP stuff, and spamassassin, among others.


I use vim for most of my source editing from the terminal. I don't customize it nearly as much as most people do. However, I do require a few settings.


For procmail users, this provides examples of just about everything that you would probably want to do with a mail delivery agent. It pipes all mail through spamassassin, saves archives, splits up mailing lists, and makes coffee.


I use tcsh almost exclusively. This is my config for it. I don't configure all that much, as tcsh's defaults mesh with me quite well.


Along with my .tcshrc, my .login script. I use screen to protect all of my terminal sessions, in case I'm in the middle of editing a file and I lose my connection or some crap like that. Screen also lets me have a bazillion virtual terminals if I need them. If you use that line in your .login, don't put anything after it, as the shell will never see it.