Definitely the most reliable way to get ahold of me, I read my mail with mutt, easily the best terminal based (and probably overall) email client. If you send me HTML email, I will be forced to injure you. Likewise if you send me large attachments. If you use pgp/gnupg, you can get my public key here. If you are not a terminal user, check out Mozilla's IMAP/POP mail client, and also Enigmail for PGP/GPG encryption of Mozilla mail.

If I am anywhere near a computer with internet access, I am typically logged into SlashNET. My nick there is jwbozzy (as if you couldn't have guessed). If you are in the market for an irc client, check out irssi, or if you are of the point and drool persuasion, try xchat.
AOL Instant Messenger

Most of the time, you can also find me on AIM, with nick jwbozzy (are you seeing the pattern yet?). Just in case you are interested, I use Gaim to connect.