Software Engineer - BreakAway Games
Designed and built the YALL RTS engine on top of Gamebryo. Developed JEST, an Object-Oriented data definition and configuration language for YALL. Built the BgNet network library from scratch, and built the NetMethod pseudo-synchronous RPC system on top of it. Ported the existing world-building tools to the new architecture.

Programmer - Exileworks, Inc.
Developed the sound, GUI, weapons, vehicle physics, animation, and scripted gameplay systems for Poacher. Was in charge of asset/codebase management and organization. Developed the Exileworks corporate and Poacher web infrastructures.

Software Engineer - Quantum Internet Services, Inc.
Developed E-911 system, anti-spam mail filter and web interface, server management framework, data repository management application, enterprise to enterprise interfaces(XML, XML-RPC, E-911, SOAP), telco switch software, trouble ticketing system, sales tracking database, and RADIUS utilities. Developed custom modifications to a number of open source software packages. Maintained mail, DNS, and web servers and network routing/peering. Administered regional network consisting of primarily Solaris SPARC/x86 FreeBSD and Linux.

IT Director - Pfefferkorn Engineering/West Web Works
Pfefferkorn Engineering: Set up and maintained a large Windows, Linux, and Mac network. Administered MS Exchange mail server, MS SQL server, and Linux file servers.
West Web Works: Developed enterprise web applications for all manner of clients. Maintained and supported 150+ websites on Linux/Apache/Sendmail web/mail servers, as well as Windows 2000/IIS servers. Managed all development projects.

Network/Support Engineer - CMC Computers, Inc.
Went on service calls throughout Maryland to support all sizes of networks, from small peer to peer doctor's offices to the 3000+ piece network at the Social Security Administration's National Computer Center. Also maintained CMC's in-house network and servers and wrote custom utilities to increase productivity and efficiency among the staff.

Education Unknown Towson University
Bachelor's Degree
Currently pursuing a BS in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration. Currently on hold due to professional interests.

6/2000 Westminster High School & Carroll County Career And Technology Center
High School
Was concurrently enrolled in the Research and Development program through the CCCTC during most of high school. Received credit for my work as a support engineer at CMC Computers and took a course in Computer Technology via CCTC.

Skills ANSI C/C++ STL development Network Development/Management
Software Project Management PHP/Perl/Python development
UNIX systems administration/development DirectX Programming
Web Development (XHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript/ECMA)

About Me At Work
I am a compulsive learner. You will often find me with my nose in books, reading source code, and trying to get the best understanding possible of how things work and how better to use them. I'm very much a stereotypical engineer; I like to take things apart, figure out how they work, and most of all find ways to improve them.
At Home
I spend my time researching new technologies, writing test code, and generally trying to stay current with the state of computing. I develop and maintain a growing portfolio of open source software, all available from I enjoy gaming on PC and consoles.