Top Productivity and Dashboard Gadgets/Widgets. Part 2.


Top Productivity and Dashboard Gadgets/Widgets

It all started about four years ago when Konfabulator application was released by Arlo Rose. It introduced the ability of installing tiny self-containing applets on the desktop of Mac OS X. These minimalistic apps occupied just a small area and were always visible on the desktop, thus removing the need of switching from one application to another. A little later, Konfabulator was released for Windows as well. Next move was performed by Apple, which came up with Dashboard Widgets as the built-in feature of Mac OS. Yahoo bought Konfabulator from Rose after some time passed. Then it was Google’s turn to take part in the game of widgets – Google Desktop was released. Currently all modern operating systems out of the box have the functionality of adding widgets on the desktop, providing desktop customization and enhancement. And there are a whole lot of widgets/gadgets to choose from!
It doesn’t matter how you call them, dashboard widgets, or desktop gadgets software, or plug-ins, now related websites are populated with thousands of mini-apps developed by many programmers from all around the globe. Honestly, the majority of widgets are just playful or entertaining ones (games, multimedia showcase, alarms etc.). However, there are still many useful widgets, which come in handy for productive and time-intensive works. Some of those are described below.

The lack of common standard for developing widgets results in separation between platforms. For example, Google Desktop or Windows 7 can’t use a Dashboard app designed for Mac OS and vice versa. But there is documentation and guides for converting gadgets by Google to Mac OS Dashboard or Windows 7 formats. Additionaly there are commercial desktop icon organizing software tools.
If you're all set for productivity, take a look at the following widgets. All of those can be downloaded and installed free of charge.


Widgets for Apple's Dashboard

Apple’s site provides probably the widest catalogue of widgets. That’s for the reason that Mac OS was among first operating systems that came up with innovative widget-enhanced desktop (long before Windows or Google worked along the same lines).

Widgets for Yahoo

The widgets having the longest history. Their exceptional feature is complete cross-platform support.
Full Year Calendar – Looking over entire year in one glance is possible with this gadget.
Clipboard Washer – Ever wanted to get rid of text formatting and leave just plain text after copying it from Word? This gadget comes in handy in such cases.