Top Productivity and Dashboard Gadgets/Widgets


Widgets for Apple

Easy Envelopes – removes the necessity of using heavyweight word processor (e.g. Word) for the sake of printing envelopes. This widget offers presets for different envelope sizes and prints them quickly using any address found in Address Book, or typed in by you. Widget knows how to print USPS barcodes, too.
PDF + PDF – Aggregates a single PDF document from a set of separate PDFs. Doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat to be installed. Cannot extract subset of pages from PDFs though.

Reminder – Comes in handy when you have to remember about a task to do on a specified time and date. Quite the same functionality is provided by Egg Timer.

Word Counter – Whenever you need to know the exact count of characters in a text, just paste it to this widget. Counts number of words as well.


Gadgets for Google Desktop

The following gadgets are designed solely for Google Desktop for Windows. Unfortunately, the version of Google Desktop for Mac OS has no support for these yet.
RSI Reminder – Don’t you usually forget to take breaks while working at your PC? If you do, this harms your health and productivity. RSI Reminder will insist that you have a little rest showing popup message when the time comes.

World Clock – This gadget stands to its name. Be aware of times in different world’s time zones of your choice.

Gadgets for Sidebar of Vista / Windows 7

Gadgets for Windows are just in beginning stage of development, so there are only two picks for now. This list will surely grow as latest Microsoft’s operating systems become more wide-spread.
Systran Dictionary – Conduct translation of your documents over fifty-two language pairs available. Bilingual dictionaries are also may be referred to.
Traffic by Live Search Maps – Before you sit in your car to drive on a traffic-intensive route, mind getting the up-to-date information regarding traffic jams with this gadget.